The Institute for Innovation in Learning
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

The Institute for Innovation in Learning (ILI) is the e-learning centre of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) and as a research institute part of the Faculty of Philosophy.

An interdisciplinary team of around 30 scientists from the humanities and technology sciences researches and develops digital, media-supported learning over the entire life span, from school children to senior citizens. In a large network of European and national partners ILI realizes relevant projects and offers services, consulting and know-how transfer.


Foundation for Women’s Issues

Warsaw, Poland


Dublin City University

Dublin, Ireland



Bonn, Germany

The German National Association of Senior Citizens’ Organisations (BAGSO) is an umbrella organization that currently includes 116 nationally active member associations (as of January 2018).

With that we represent more than 13 million older persons in Germany. BAGSO conceives itself as a lobby group for older generations, advocating their interests towards politics, economy and society, while taking other generations and their needs into account as well. Participation within European and international contexts is a major element of BAGSO’s senior citizens’ policy work.



Amsterdam, Netherlands

Art-Age is a not for profit NGO that works at the intersection of culture and education. The aim is to enable older persons to put their creativity, ideas and energy to use for the benefit of younger generations. Art-Age develops methodologies and strategies for intergenerational dialogue and cooperation. In the past and present Art-Age has been and still is very active in the area of producing film festivals on ageing for a mix of generations in partnership with vocational training institutes and local cinemas. 2018 will see the birth of a new Silver Screen Festival in the Netherlands. In 2016 Art-Age was partner in a EU-project for the production of a European Guide on Funding for Culture – Yes You Can.  In the new project GrandExpertS seniors are trained to become knowledge volunteers or e-teachers who will share their experiences via online learning modules. Responsible for the project are Ben Slijkhuis and Ger Tielen.



Фондация Лале

Фондация Лале е независима организация, създадена през 2004 година с мисия да насърчава социалната отговорност в българското общество като стимулира сътрудничеството между гражданското общество, бизнеса, националните и местни власти с цел подобряване качеството на живот и възможностите за развитие на хората в България. През последните години фондацията е подкрепила над 850 проекта на местни граждански организации с повече от 15 милиона лева.  Тя допринася за ефективността, устойчивостта и многообразието на социални програми в България и посредничи чрез предоставяне на професионални съвети, консултации, оценка, наблюдение и проследяване изпълнението на проекти и програми. Фондацията насърчава прозрачност, отговорност и професионализъм чрез придържане към високи етични стандарти като работи в сътрудничество с други граждански организации на национално и международно ниво за развитие на социалната отговорност и устойчивост на гражданския сектор в България.